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Lorenza Gamberi

Lorenza Gamberi is an Italian artist living in the UK since 2014. She is based in Brighton where she is inspired every day by the colours and vibrancy of the city and its proud LGBTQ+ community.

Lorenza works mainly with watercolours, the unforgiving medium that is so suitable to her work, leaving a transparency of layers well blended to recreate the anatomy of a body, a show of passion, kindness and love in the figurative paintings she creates.

Working with both live models and photos, Lorenza’s work seeks to portray the beauty of the human body with the fine use of few colours inspired by the pride flag.

Lorenza graduate in 2014 from the Ligustic Academy of Fine Arts, based in Genoa, where her learning journey encompassed the study of materials, pigments and techniques. Her favourite subject was life drawing, which resonates well with her attention to detail in her work; the pop of a vein, the emotion behind the eye expression, the line created by a pelvic muscle.

Such representations can be observed in Lorenza’s work with a personal watercolour technique of smooth blended brush strokes and a confident use of light and dark colours.  

Lorenza continues to be inspired every day creating beautiful original works, blending light, colour and emotion.

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Vincent Van Gogh

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